Below is a description of the elk hunting available with Colorado High Country Adventures. Whether you are interested in pursuing elk and mule deer in the high country of western Colorado, or mule deer, trophy bull elk and antelope on lower elevation ranches near Colorado Springs we can accommodate you. Unguided drop camps are available in Colorado. Please review our hunting locations and let us know what type of hunts you are interested in.

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Colorado Hunting

*** We offer wilderness pack trips and private ranch hunting***

Flat Tops Wilderness Elk Hunting:

The White River valley east of Meeker and Buford is home to the Flat Tops Wilderness Area of Colorado and the largest elk herd in the United States. Here we offer guided and unguided hunts in the Flat Tops Wilderness and adjoining White River National Forest. Guided hunts are staged from the ranch with comfortable accommodations in modern cabins, or from tent camps. Drop camp hunts are from remote, pack-in tent camps reached via horse. The wilderness designation means no motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed in this beautiful, pristine area.

Including the ranch, the hunting area available includes aproximately 100 sq. miles of back country in the White River National Forest east to Trappers Lake and on both north and south sides of the White River. This vast country offers clients a very broad range of hunting opportunities ranging from 8,000 ft elevations to 11,000 ft high in the wilderness. Elk can be found throughout the area, and by having lots of excellent habitat to hunt we can find the herds and offer you an excellent opportunities to see and encounter elk.

Guided hunts are limited to six hunters per week with 2X1 the standard guide to hunter configuration and 1X1 hunts available. The guides have all worked up here for years and have an excellent knowledge of elk hunting and the country hunted. They are professional, experienced back-country woodsmen and know how to handle horses. This part of Colorado has lots of elk and good trophy quality as the White River herd has improved in recent years. Each year we take many average for Colorado elk and lucky hunters take some really good 6X6 bulls. The hunting is good starting in September when resident herds are reached by horse and right through the late rifle hunts when the elk began their migration north and west to the lower high-country desert wintering areas.

Guided day hunts are also available to those hunters visiting the area who may wish to hunt on their own for a few days yet take advantage of a day guide for a day or more. Please inquire about this program.

This is a draw area for archery, however the odds are good even for hunters with 0-1 preference points. What makes this area excellent for elk archery hunts is that because we have lots of elk the opportunity to encounter animals exists every day of the hunt. We have many drainages to hunt, dark timber for when the weather is warm and we know where the elk wallow. Shot opportunity usually is well over 50% which is outstanding for archery elk.

Complete ready to hunt from drop camps ($2450 pp) or pack service using your own equipment are available and can be set for up to 10 hunters with a four person minimum. Hunters that are in good shape will have an advantage of course at high elevation. We will ride into each camp every other day to check on you for safety purposes, any needed supplies or to pack out animals. Unguided hunters need to be prepared to field ready their killed elk into game bags and to move the elk if necessary to a spot where we can get horse access. We'll do the rest from there.

Average costs: Guided 2X1 hunts are $5400. (1X1 $6400)

Guide Only Service at $700 (2X1) or $900 (1X1)per day, per hunter is available. Experienced, expert guides provide the you with a guided hunt into the wilderness area on horseback and you only pay for the number of days you reserve. Game packing for guided clients is included in the fee and guided day hunts can be reserved for one or more days. These hunts are very popular especially at the end of the 2nd or 3rd rifle seasons and during archery season. (Note: meals and lodging are not included)

Self Guided Base Camps: We have complete ready to hunt wilderness base camps based on a 4 hunter minimum per camp. The camps are located high up and well back into the Flat Tops Wilderness and are reached by horse. These are high quality, fully furnished camps and the rate includes game packing and nightly radio checks at night.

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San Luis Valley and Unit 681 Wilderness Elk:

We hunt the mountains in the north end of the San Luis Valley and have elk hunting available on over 50,000 acres of private land. Wilderness hunts are based out of full-service tent camps reached by horse and are located 5-8 miles from the trailhead. Archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts are all good. Hunters need to be in good physical condition to get the most out of these hunts, but we are in the middle of excellent country and elk can be found anywhere on any day. Private land hunts are on large ranches where we access the properties by 4WD and hunt by spot and stalk. These ranches are in an agricultural area (see picture below) and herds of elk move around the valley in search of the best alfalfa and crops and we hunt according to game movement. Licenses are available via land-owner vouchers with liberal hunting seasons starting in early July and running into December. The early hunts will enable you to hunt elk still in velvet.

You will stay in the ranch house and we will drive out to hunt each morning. If the hunt is unsuccessful we will leave the elk during the day and return later in the afternoon when they again get up and move to feed. These hunts are fair-chase, but come with the high success rates on shot opportunity and kill. Many elk will be "average" Colorado bulls, but we do take some nice bulls that score well over 300 inches.

Average Costs: Public Land Wilderness Hunts are $5500 guided and $2500 for drop camps. Private land hunts are fully guided and prices vary by ranch. Please call pricing.

Hunts do not include the cost of the necessary Colorado licenses. We will provide you with the landowner voucher needed to purchase the private land license. These hunts fill up each year, so if this type of hunt is of interest to you please call right away.

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Colorado Private Land Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope:

Offering archery, rifle and muzzleloader hunting for mature animals on private ranches located in the lower elevation mountain units near Colorado Springs and around Pikes Peak. Trophy elk hunting on ranches where a 300"+ bull is possible. Mule deer hunting is very good with trophy quality bucks in the 28"-30" range taken yearly.

Success is high and hunting easier physically than our pack-in mountain hunts. 4WD access on the properties, then walking out from the vehicles. Comfortable lodge/home accommodations with meals included.

Average costs: Guided hunts average $6500-$8500 for elk, $6500 for mule deer and $3000 for antelope. Some ranches have land owner vouchers and other hunts you will draw the license. Costs vary depending on the property and availability of landowner vouchers so call for details.

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